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Taxidermy Of A Broken Smile

I had to swallow 250 pounds of cotton
just to inmortalize
my broken smile
Dare you to do so
I am still now
With glass for eyes
smiling as a man with two kids and a labrador does
only he
hates his family
and smiles out of pure obligation
I am much obliged to you and your blushes of skin when we make love
you bore my head more than i ever dared to
i fumbled with my conscience
and there you were
touching it down
so you can pay me a visit
it´ll just cost you 25 cents
ill always be there
i cannot move
and i don´t want to
cause i've got your favorite broken smile on
let your eyes be judge of me
and please don't yell
we're meant to be silent in here
take a seat and talk
to me
i wont reply, and its not because i cant
its because its been so long
So there you have it
somebody helped me write this letter
cause i cant write
when you get it
ask him about me
he'll just say something

by Juan Marquez

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I'd say wild bordering on genius. Prove me right.