Taxing For Investment On Projects!

Every political party comes to power with the promise of bringing down prices;
But coming to power, every govt. levies taxes in new names to raise funds
For investments in big projects to achieve economic growth sans any guarantee
Pursuing the same route followed by the previous govt. that has failed to do anything!

For raising funds they should increase production, exports and cut expenses;
Goods and service tax is a blend of local and national taxes in one to share burden
By all for all things from North to South and West to East by the mantra of one nation
And creating chance for central govt. to have a share in all local sales of goods!

Agriculture and sea resource need extra care besides industry and software ones
To exploit export potentialities to accrue national income by efficient administration
Instead of always going for taxing to raise funds by increasing prices on things
And making people suffer with additional burden as last straw on camel ever!

Many failures of various govts have taught the lesson that politicians are politicians
And their promises are words written on water that can't be relied on ever by all!

by Ramesh T A

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