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Te Amo (I Love You)

They came in fragments
at first, the memories
that I shared with you.
Of different nights and days,
scattered throughout a time
of four months, and even
things before then, though
they were different,
that I was either
with you, or you just
happened to be the
highlight in my mind.

I remember a night,
drapings of purple,
with a timid boy who
even made me shrink back
that week when I dared
to make him my escort;
for some reason he caught
my eye. I found a constant
smile embedded on my face,
and each encounter brought us
closer together, first physically
and then emotionally.

I remember a day, where
the woods became our maze
that took us hours to conquer;
and how the air took its hold
in the continual cycle,
the way bread rises and falls,
so does the temperature within
the year. But he kept me close,
sheltered me from the cold that
was forming through the trees
and rocks abound.

I remember a night spent
at a friend's house, the two of
us curled upon her bed, watching
her and her own
fight with no weapon nor intent,
and my hand crept at his, while my head nestled upon his
chest, the softest pillow
I had dared to want.

I remember a day and night
where he graced his prescence
on my kin, and with wide arms
they acceptted, together all
could enjoy what was offered.
When we both grew tired,
and sleep flushed our eyes,
homeward bound, he
was once again my pillow,
while my hand just barely
touched his as
my eyes staggered down.

I remember the day and night
we exchanged our first
of the shows of our hearts,
and I did spend that whole time
with him, with stares upon
splotched emeralds that 'swept
me off my feet'; and I
remember that was the
night I first kissed you.

I remember the start
of another year, another new journey,
and how glad I was to
have him by my side,
with carrots, chips, and
soda galore, and a hurried
teeth brushing one minute
before the countdown.

There came a night
when our feelings were
stated in whole truth,
with three words spoken
then repeated. Looking at
his eyes light up, I
swear I stopped

On the day of affections,
our love was showed that
my eyes watered but I
surpressed them. I remember
Sweet Home Alabama
on his couch;
the physics and chemistry
books at war; his sister
making us play school; and how
I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

And then there are the nameless times,
in between,
as I watched this boy,
grow from timid to sure
and I understood why he does
what he does, and I've
learned that his heart
was meant to be an addition to mine.
So in a selfish way, I've stolen his heart, and
cannot live,
without that part.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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