Poem Hunter
Tea & Ghost
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Tea & Ghost

Usually I
never leave home
without it
but(I don’t know why)
today(it just slipped my mind)

and I left home
without my body.
I didn’t even take
my shadow.

I just floated
free of me
enjoyed being

I encountered
...a stone...sea...cloud...
...a me that wasn’t me...
rain...or just
the falling of rain
but then came
full circle

& ran into my “me”
I had being enjoying
being rain
just falling...falling
but then my ghost
grabbed hold of me
and put me back
in my dream

and I awoke
to find myself
only me again.
It was very disappointing.
I got up & made
some tea & toast
chatted with my ghost
who quoted
William Blake
to me:

“Body, is a portion
of the soul
discern’d by the 5 senses.”
I sat there
& chewed it over.
“Yeah, I guess...? ”
Then I grabbed my hat and coat
and went to work.

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