Teach Me,

Teach me,
Teach me the value of Living,
Give me the Bread of a Just life,
It is from life that we eat Bread,
Teach me that we are moving Higher,
From the self,
I see that you need to Teach me more about life,
Teach me the Value of Living,
That I may come Closer to see the man that Iam,
Iam a man that is from self to Conquer Evil,
Evil will Perish upon mankind,
We are Moving on Higher,
Taking on the steps where we Leading to greater Truth's,
This is the price of Living from all agony to Glory,
God is giving us an opportunity to Live,
Living is all from self to Glory,
In what I perceive,
Iam not waiting for any other Time,
Iam able to see the Love of My God,
That will Give me that Great Security agains't Evil.

by Abdul Karim

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