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Teach Me How To Smoke
AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

Teach Me How To Smoke

Can you please teach me how to smoke I think it looks quite smart
Just how difficult is it to achieve it looks like quite an art
Put the cigarette in your mouth and as you light it take a drag
Then afterwards you blow it out and so on, to the end of the fag

That sounds quite easy I'll give it a go, I can do it but there's a problem
The taste and smell's not pleasant at all do you know how I can overcome them?
Oh, it's quite simple, you will see just do it for a while
Then you won't notice taste or smell because you'll be a smoke-a-phile

But I don't want to be addicted I just want to smoke when I choose
I only want to enjoy them, I don't want to lose
Sorry, that is not an option you cannot enjoy a cigarette
They are intrinsically unpleasant but they can still catch you in their net

Because my friend they can play with your mind they can create in you a fear
That if you don't have one in very good time you will not be full of good cheer
Once the fear has come it doesn't want to go, it can hang around forever
All the smokers round you have it inside now they don't think they're so clever

But they will tell you plain as plain that they enjoy their fags
To admit to themselves that they're under a spell is just a little bit too hard

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