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Teach The Children!
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Teach The Children!

Friend, do you know God had Instructed Parents
To Teach Children to Pray! Day and Night!
Know Jesus is the Only Way, to Save Us All!
God had appointed children a Dad and Mom,
To Teach children Right from wrong,
How to get along, and know Just what to do! !
Children Obey their Parents, For this is Right
In The Lord! If they do, What there asked too,
They will be in-store, for Great Rewards! ! !
Children need to Know, so they'll grow,
Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally Strong!
They'll Live Long, Once they Belong to Christ!
All they have to do is Believe to Receive!
Accept Jesus in their hearts, be Born-again!
So, the Holy Spirit can come in!
Guide them on their way! Because some Day,
They'll be Grown in on their own!
Then they'll know which Path way to go!
And do what's Right! In Christ! ! !
{Follow Jesus Christ}

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