(1951 / allahabad)


Once I met a man.
He was gentle,
He was modest
He was expert, he was honest
An elegant figure
I asked him'art thou the famous mr....'
He gazed at me but answered me not
Again I questioned'art thou the widely renowned mr...'
He remained unmoved yet.
'Please tell me..
I don't want to sound curious
But you are the that person..
By any chance' I said.
'It really of no importance' the very man said and smiled
'It is quite sufficient that I am one of the pupils of that
very renowned teacher.'

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good words for teacher- really good thought nice 10++++
Your poem does great justice to teachers. And makes us reflect on the good ones. Regardless of how good they were, they were always humble. For this, and for the many valuable lessons we learned from them, we remain respectful. Thanks for the many pleasant memories.
A very nice portrait portrait of a great teacher. Thanks ma'am for sharing the poem. 10 for such a good poem. Subhas
Respect to all mankind! And we should thank teachers. Nice piece of work.