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Teacher's Pet (Not)
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

Teacher's Pet (Not)

You’re putting me to sleep,
I’m counting sheeps,
I’m not kidding.
I think you talk too much,
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and all that gibberish.
Try mentioning Land & Building one more time,
And you know I’ma bang my head against the wall.

I know your voice sounds nice and all,
But two hours of muttering is intolerable.
But having said that,
Hey I like your stilettos,
You have taste!
(Mum would have loved that!)

See how many pages I’ve sketched,
How many stars and houses I’ve drawn,
The background’s getting darker and darker every time.
I’m yawning for the 97th time,
Please call it a day,
I’m begging you.

My legs are kicking hard under the desk,
I’m observing the ceilings like a mental patient.
I know you like my presence,
But hey, don’t they say,
If you love somebody you should set them free?

I’m waving my car keys,
See see see?
It does ring a bell doesn’t it?
If I don’t leave now,
The traffic will torture me,
I know you only want the best for your students -
That’s your duty, right?

Can I go home now?
Oh well I’m packing my bag anyway,
And my book’s still under the table,
It’s been that way since you came in two hours ago.
You don’t mind me,
Do ya?

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Comments (2)

Anies...i feel like that everyday too...hahah
Class can be so boring sometimes...I guess that is why I don't go to school any longer. There is also the fact that I hate people telling me what I have to take and the teachers telling me what I have to read. As if the classes that millions of people take is going to benefit me completely, but I am crazy so....all I can say is good luck.