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Teacher, Soldier With A Pen
(1-7-1959 / india)

Teacher, Soldier With A Pen

Poem By Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Teacher is a soldier with a pen and an eternal guide
Lighting wisdom to mind decayed and white,
Floating tirelessly till dark with no pride,
Without fear and favor telling tales bright.

To clean the dirt river flows and air floats,
To vibrate heart and mind he gloats.
‘Tween goddess Sarswati and man he is linking milk,
Giving life to the world with deepest think.

As blessed banyan with roots, side by side,
Withstand winter, storm, wind and tide,
Beauty he admires and goodness wide,
Word and language such as teacher ride,
He will turn dust to gold, if his ways not hide,
And rake a soul with favorite manifold glide.


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Comments (8)

A magnificent poem on teacher.
teacher, soldier with a pen... a soldier who's there to inculcate knowledge and to mold the young ones..good write...thanks best regards, jdh
You show that there is a possibility for a teacher to be almost anything thing and you do a very good job at describing this one. Nicely written.
This is a very good way to show your feellings as a teacher and a your feellings towords kids.
As you've described yourself in your biography, and extended it further by this poem..Live on..serve on, poet friend. Cheers. Subroto