PIH (17/09/1987 / )


Again he comes
In his great glory
The dictator of our deeds
From the horizon
Hale and healthy he march
Like trumpet its blow
Stronger and louder
Beyond the bulwark hold in the deaf ears
Making the idle dread
Of the work to come
Signaling the indefatigable spirit
Enclosed in the diligent's body
Of the goals ahead
Wife wails
Wanting more of the night play
Children cry cacophonously
Of the sweet dreams that end without resolution
Street sleeping dust wake
As determined feet make its way.

At his full position
On the old throne
Chill of the black dude melt away
Life spring up boisterously
In land, air, and sea
Effect of the sun can be seen
At its peak
As the living thing work
To cage the old breath in their body
And stratified in a good niche
In the strata of life.

The sun saunter
Like santa claus showering gifts
On the children that revere his presence.

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nice poem again Pd keep writing
And here is a slap on the back from Tai Preeti. I agree that teachers should try and make their teaching interesting and also treat their students with respect, then and only then, they will get the students respect back and attention to what they are trying to make sink in! Knowledge should be fun and not a bore imo. No one listens to a bore. All my kids are madcap and intelligent and yet the system tries to beat it out of them! They will never succeed. Tai
Continue being a madcap and add life and zest to this life that can be dull: -)