Teacher Teacher! : Madcap

Oh! That’s an easy question,
England is on the map.
Teacher fumed at my answer
And gave me one tight slap.

I asked you the continent England is in
Expected Europe as you answer;
And not that it’s on the map
So walk off my class and don’t come back.

Ma’am I was just joking
A few laughs to this boring lecture I was adding,
Since you’re asking me to leave and gave me the slap,
I’ll gladly go and take a small little nap.

I said that (^^) in the most polite way
The class clapped and made me their heroin* for the day.
Long live the ‘mad caps’ like me they said
Who endure slaps and make the most
Of it by taking a naps! !

Ps – Hindi film Actresses are called heroines: P

(27 May,2006)

by .Pd. is here

Comments (4)

nice poem again Pd keep writing
And here is a slap on the back from Tai Preeti. I agree that teachers should try and make their teaching interesting and also treat their students with respect, then and only then, they will get the students respect back and attention to what they are trying to make sink in! Knowledge should be fun and not a bore imo. No one listens to a bore. All my kids are madcap and intelligent and yet the system tries to beat it out of them! They will never succeed. Tai
Continue being a madcap and add life and zest to this life that can be dull: -)