Poem By gerard ali

Teachers, help our kids to learn to play,
And not go astray,
And fade away.

There are a lot of teachers out there,
That sincerely care, and they to go the extra mile,
Just to see the kids smile, is their satisfaction or their high,
not to have a child cry, not even for a while,
is payment enough for their toil.

I believe teachers are like preachers,
Our kid’s next parent, becoming obedient,
Helping their skills become transparent,
That they may use them in their everyday life,
Helping their life be a little less complicated,
And a lot more motivated,
And if we’re lucky, with a lot less hatred.

Parents also have to teach their kids,
Little things like not to lie, steel or fib,
Obey their parents, for they are there, to guide us,
These lessons that can avoid their kids from violence,
Cause when they die, you can only hear silence.

And I know they are a lot of teachers out their,
That have been scared,
And now live in fear,
By some dumb kid that got a dare,
That he could scare, the teacher,
Out their chair,
And now live in fear and don’t dare to go near,
Because now they think kid don’t listen or don’t care.

But there are lots of teachers out there that don’t do their job,
They work all day on being a snob,
they think teaching is about getting a pay cheque,
And don’t give a damn if their student life’s a wreck,
Don’t they know that the kids look up to them?
Not only as their teacher but as a friend,
Someone they should be able to trust and confide in,
Like a preacher that you can confess your sin.

Then their are the teachers that try to get in their kids pants,
And try to convince them that’s romance,
And it’s ok to take that chance,
And assure them their grades would enhance,
Promise the kids to treat them like kings and queens,
As long as they get to lie between,
And make them scream,
I think this is mean and the dean should intervene,
And don’t let thing like this go unseen,
Trying to protect the school, so people won’t think the school unclean.

Anyone interfering with any child,
In any part of the would,
Boy or girl,
Should be treated with no mercy,
From a peasant to the pope, the whole scope,
No one to high to face the rope,
For these kids often turn to dope,
For they think they’ve no hope,
For this inhumane act,
Will have a mental crack,
In any one sack, and that a fact.

Comments about Teachers

it takes a teacher to understand another.. well said. thanks

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