Teaching Is Best Left To Teachers

It is sad that so much teaching is now vocational
And that the gaining of real wisdom
Is seen as optional.

Once the sciences were lauded as mankind's pinnacle
Now it's all those business studies
And subjects practical.

Do we still look up to Einstein with those thoughtful staring eyes?
Or do we deify the businessman
And others of that kind?

What price the cost of knowledge when our future is at stake?
Now everything is measured
But the measures are quite fake.

We should take note of Heisenberg for things are not what they seem
Measurement changes what's measured
And certainty is but a dream.

But the tinkerers of knowledge are too high upon our tree
For they reside in Government
And tinker endlessly.

With the job that makes all teachers devoted to their cause
And that is teaching thinking
Not adherence to set laws.

If only life were simple and we could use some rules
To change political behaviours
And save us from such fools.

by David Keig

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