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Teaching Students
NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

Teaching Students

Poem By Nadalia Bagratuni

Listen boys and girls and you should hear,
The midnight ride of your career.

As you sleep your way through class,
Many students find that learning is a blast.

What many in our nation do not realize,
It is that education is being criticized,

As all this trouble mounts,
What is it in education that really counts,

Are we too strict,
Or do we even teach our student's to think?

Are our test scores too high or too low,
What progress will students make what will they show?

Quickly, quickly, the answer is near,
We can listen and we should hear,

If we want our children to learn,
And our school's to glisten,
Let us begin to come to session.

If we had been at war,
They would have called this treason,

To sat by have allowed our schools to fall apart,
Now we allow our students to depart,
Into their lives withour preparation,

Is it any wonder that our students aren't succeeding,
And all our schools are doing is bleeding,

They throw money,
Good after bad,
The problem is that nothing is solved and everyone is sad,

No problems are solved
And in the end all students just loose their resolve.

That is the current status of students in our nation,
I pray that this is quickly solved and we are put
On some rations,

Can you imagine what if learning was reason,
We sent students to school,
Learning became fun and cool,
And finally we win a debate,
School is no longer just second rate.
We now worry about what is in their minds,
And not just trying to fill seats for the football stands.

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