CW ( / Central west of New South Wales, Australia.)

Teamwork From The Deep

Teamwork from the Deep

Wild winds wind wounding all, as they find their paths to their needy want
to absorb all in their ways, ever so unforgiving and without care they haunt.
The deep purple, blue waters do thrash as they obey their fierce master
to build momentum, to crash upon and destroy all, and to travel faster.

Along with his mates he fought against the sails and the sheets to show all
who would control this duel and challenge of nature, and not to lose nor fall.
As swift as the wicked winds, determination was the best weapon they had
as every man did fight and great lessons learned by a very smart young lad.

Weakness and exhaustion was not to be considered to get through to the end
and to the rest of the outer world a message they would ever so happily send
to say that they had conquered that treacherous old man, the deep, cruel sea,
and would return to loved ones, friends, family and people who care, like me.

by Colleen Wright

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