Tear Down The Boundries And You May Find A Man

It seems my friend that the written word
will not save you from inevitable.
What seemed a saviour
merely led you down a circled path.

Many worlds have you crossed,
Many minds have you shared
A thousand moments of enlightenment
Did you brown on the ship of oddyseus
Did you cry when the wasteland washed away.

Here beside me now, legs trembling
replaying the broken films of family life
Wanting, waiting, for the pain to drift away
To reclaim what was stolen, by Madmen
behind protective desks, and needle
weilding nurses.

The Day when you fail to seek my company
will be the day when clouds collapse
and dissolve under your now grounded feet
And it will be known by only a few
that for now a closure has finnally come.

by Not Long Left

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