Pains Race {hymnal Measure}

Poem By Kathy J Anderson

One by one
They fall.

Into teardrops.



Pure salt
Onto the skin.
The pain
You feel
From within.


Life is salty
Life is sweet
The teardrops that fall
Can be
Bitter or sweet

Heartache falls
Into the rain
You ache
You fear
You feel the pain.

The teardrops
Now gone
They have woken you.
Did you go wrong?
Not at all.
The teardrops just needed,
Just needed to fall

Copyright Reserved May 2014

Comments about Pains Race {hymnal Measure}

A nice poem in deed. Our life may pass through diff stage, but tear drops do support in most of the stages, irrespective of joy, pain or sorrow, tear drops will follow you....... very nice
A beautiful write from your pen. Concluding lines adds beauty to it. The teardrops just needed, Just needed to fall.... Very true said tears dont know why they fall, but they wash away the pain of aching heart too. One really feel light after that..
This is a well written poem. The note is complementary to the title. 'The teardrops just needed, Just needed to fall' - Two beautiful lines at the end of the poem, like two teardrops. Fantastic! Agree with Valsa George, that teardrops are cathartic, purges our mind and relieves us of our inner heart aches.
Heartache falls Into the rain Of tears. They must drop. Beautifully presented in the poem with nice lyrics. Thank you.
Another lovely write from your pen Lyn - those teardrops are always with me of late, so I can relate.

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