I Am In Doubt

If you are a man
See the sky and read it
Everything is there
If you are a Hindu
See the Gita and read it
Everything is there
If you are a Muslim
See the Quran and read it
Everything is there
If you a Christian
See the Bible and read it.
I know what you are thinking
And I dare to say
Your thinking process is not good
It is not for general welfare.
Think over my words
If you are perfect and there.
Are you really know what you are
And I am in doubt whether
You are taking or not
The same water and the same air!

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (8)

A poem I liked. Thanks.
Such a great poem by Jack Gilbert...10+++
Not sure what I think about this. Definitely interesting verses- -interesting images and word choices. But I am just not responding. Maybe cuz I am cranky and cross this morning kind of like a raccoon inside a metal garbage can when somebody starts banging on it with a metal wrench...
It is really tiresome that I and perhaps you cannot rate poems anymore because some messed up computer thingee can only respond to a vote by demanding we sign in again and again and again. Really getting tiresome. Neither can I track down the comments that notifications to my e-mail tell me about.
Always trying to break through that carapace, aren't you Jack? It is the nature of mind to know itself a chrysalis, to see itself flying. In fledgling form it continually sheds and moults. But don't forget the beautify of an exoskeleton.
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