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Tear That Fall From Father Sky
OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

Tear That Fall From Father Sky

Poem By Osceola Waters

Tears That Fall From Father Sky.
Sky blacker than black— flashing light,
Illuminates the night,
Electric fingers spreading, stretching across vastness,
Torrential rain,
Floods the plain,
Bodies discovered,
Death revealed and uncovered,
Under the enormity of Spiritual light,
In the deadest of night,
The master’ s tears come down upon bodies still,
Eyes of stillness reflecting the night’ s performance,
Bodies washed,
Bodies purified,
A puff of wind lifts up soles and spirals them into affinity,
Covered and washed away,
The grass grows greener there,
The wind whispers across the plain,
They will be back, for this is hallowed ground,
His tears soaked this ground and keep it forever moist,
Foot prints left in softened earth,
Shows the way to the ancestors dement ion,
The cougar and the mountain sheep,
Lay together in harmonious sleep.
My Vision My Dream Osceola Birdman Waters.
Copy righted.

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Good work...I loved your use of language and the vivid descriptions you presented to us as the readers. Ten out of ten for me! Welcome to Poem Hunter! -Michael