MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

Tear The Dress

There she drowns in her blinding dress
As she walks, it drags like minions
Imitating her every move
The truth dug with her stiletto shoes.

There she drowns in a dress of lies
As she walks, they drag and hinder
Hinder her every move
When she’ll step on her dress and trip
She’ll tear everything apart
Even truth’s sealed lip.

There I drown in a dress sewn with tears
As I walk, I leave a trail
Those invisible tears could slip me
But I mop them as I go
Only longing for her to slip and see.

There I stand
Drowned in tears
Drenched in another’s sins
Soaked in another’s fears
The only breath I take is the wind blown at my skin.

She digs at me with her stiletto shoes
Like a dagger piercing through me
The only one blocking my blood to ooze is myself
Where is she?

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