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Tear-Washed Floor
NAB (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

Tear-Washed Floor

Tear drops lead from your darkened room
The setting of our afternoon
On the bed you sit with a smile
As you think back a while
Maybe more like a lifetime ago
These days have flown by so
Then liquid diamonds stream down your face
And you can't pinpoint when you fell from grace
But you think of all the times I held you up
And still it'll never be enough
I tell you 'don't worry you can't force yourself to love
The trick is you must stay steadfast
If it's meant to be it will last'
Every word I say cuts me that much more
As I walked from your room my tears pounded the floor
Now I'm waiting and I'm sure you know
I'm waiting but you've let me go
So partly dying I write you this
And in waiting, I'll not forget your kiss

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