BW (9-26-93 / florida)


I remember when i couldn't stand u
I couldn't stand the fact that i loved u
u told me u loved me
and i knew it was true
I just wudn't listen cause it was u
I fell in love with your unique ways
but the closer u came to me,
the farther I pushed u away
and away u left
u left me there,
and i had no where to go
so there it goes on to show
u didn't love me
or u would of said goodbye
u didn't love me
or u wouldn't of left my side
u didn't love my cuz u wouldn't of left me here to cry
u saud u loved me so why,
would u leave me without a place to spend the night?
teardrop, u forgot 2 say goodbye

by breanna wilson

Comments (2)

awww Breanne this is a sweet poem. Nice work! ! !
awwww its a sad poem. thank you for sharing