CE (April! 16,1997 / Hammond Louisiana)

Starvation And Hunger

I may be done to death
I wished to live more with free breathe
The parents were happy
We had lived so far cheerfully

Suddenly, the mercenaries have descended in our pure land
Many are picked in broad day light to be fired later on
Many good looking women are picked and sent to brothels
To earn wealth for their mission

I remember parents saying
We will soon be stained and laying in the pool of blood
I developed real fear
My ears refused to hear

Our lives are in danger
We all are facing starvation or hunger
Only gun shots are heard
People are forced to flee

The smugglers charge heavily
But people want to leave land wearily
For them only open sky is home
No country is ready to welcome

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tear drops are miracles and magical blessings.......... wonderfulllllll imagination... and depiction of a reality..... reality of joy and tears. thank you very much tony