Tearful Goodbye

My heart has beats for you like a drummer's drum
Yet it has crumbled weakly like the walls of Troy
My head is intoxicated with the power of your rum
Yet it has been manipulated like your favorite toy

My eyes have beheld your beautiful, flawless face
Yet it has shed so many painful streak of tears
My hands have vowed to lead only you to any place
Yet you've hidden yours and increased my fears

In this painful heart is where your thoughts dwell
Still they've burned me like the flames of hell
Here in my dark heavy heart is where you should stay
Yet you've chosen to leave me and stray so faraway

And I keep wondering what it was that I did wrong
- Maybe I didn't want to accept you got another man
Whom you love and to whom you truly, really belong
Now, my poor heart is sentenced to a very long ban

I can't stop thinking about those memorable times
That we shared, hoping all of these would work
Forgive me, if all I did were unpardonable crimes
For true love happens by choice, not by sheer luck

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