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Tearful Slumber
CR (May 7,1981 / South Jersey)

Tearful Slumber

Tears roll slowly.
Each cheek is dampened by the salty streams they form
Drops fall softly.
Each one a silent memory,
soaking my pillow with sadness as I drift off to sleep.
I sleep to escape the overwhelming urges to find you
and plead for your return to my ever-open arms.
Although I slumber, you still manage to control my soul.
Dreams relentlessly flood my mind.
Dreams of you.
Dreams of us,
together and happy once again.
But my mind is simply playing tricks;
for as real as they may seem,
dreams are nonetheless still dreams.
I awake to a new day.
Images from the night before
continue to haunt my empty heart.
For most, time heals all wounds.
For me, time wounds all heals.
But life trudges on,
day by day.
The tears still roll slowly,
and the drops still fall softly,
soaking my pillow with sadness each night.

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