Autumn’s Last Dance….

I feel like a leaf in autumn, cold, silent and still
waiting above the valley along the moonlit hill
waiting for that inevitable moment when
All is lost as the wind takes me in a sudden

Don’t feel sorry for me; just appreciate the chance
adore the autumn colours and that final marvellous dance
Just before everything goes dark at sunset…
Rejoice in this fallen life, but please don’t forget…

What ignoble fate of essence boarded
unrequested and sorely rewarded,
clothing this host in autumn’s attire,
carried forth into a bleak and wintery fire

Humming in concert to applaud the caress of form
of the howling protest in the coming blustery storm.
Would the same melodious song seem whole
would it sound just as sweet with one less soul?

The fallen leave’s dance isn’t that of celebrating life,
but utter despair, as they are carried far out of sight
The changing of the seasons is at its end
The coming of winter is an ill fated friend

The cold wind enters my soul -
Escaping the sun light in screams,
Released from the tree of security and serenity.
I am cold, alone, afraid….


Comments (4)

Yes I agree, they all have a different meaning. I like yours because it is actually about tears. I like the first like 'little drops that fall from the eyes.' Good write Brit
If we don't cry from the heart then we are not really crying at all.What a release of emotion, so needed, a vent for the soul. Wonderful words from a wonderful poet.Love Duncan
It is laugh or cry in many circumstances... I would just as soon laugh through most of them, although the occasional tear seems to be necessary. dan
Nicely put Sylvia. The last two lines give it a twist. Patricia