little drops that fall from the eyes
they come in showers, when one cries.
It's not all sorrow that brings on tears.
Oh how life sheds them over the years.
Tears of joy when a child is born.
This is the start of a great new dawn.
Tears of happiness when a bride
takes her place, up to the altar decked out
in white lace.Tears of sadness when you
lose a love, but the heaven's open to welcome
them above.
Tears are meaningless when you have
done wrong, it's that guilty feeling because it
holds strong.Then follows remorse because it
come's with fears and that is what starts all those
countless tears.
Shock can bring tears of a different kind.
Those are the ones that are hard to find.
Then with the problem solved and the worries
over, it's quite possible your dancing in clover.
Tears start from a baby, you cry as you grow.
So don't hold them back just let them flow
If you run out of tissues when you have read
this verse. Then don't wait for the next one it's
ten times worse.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (4)

Yes I agree, they all have a different meaning. I like yours because it is actually about tears. I like the first like 'little drops that fall from the eyes.' Good write Brit
If we don't cry from the heart then we are not really crying at all.What a release of emotion, so needed, a vent for the soul. Wonderful words from a wonderful poet.Love Duncan
It is laugh or cry in many circumstances... I would just as soon laugh through most of them, although the occasional tear seems to be necessary. dan
Nicely put Sylvia. The last two lines give it a twist. Patricia