Poem Hunter
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)


Poem By Danny Speicher

Weep softly now, beautiful angel
Take confidence in my heart
Cry, now, into my shoulder dear
But, please don't quickly depart
Let me tell you of my love
How that love is for you
Let me take your hand in mine
And tell you of my heart so true
Weeping 'till your eyes are dry
You've shed your last sad tear
Let me help you with these troubles
Let my faith dissolve your fears
Your life has led to anguish
No one seems to understand
I promise you my help and love
If you'll promise me your hand
I will be there to help you through
In all your worst debates
There to give you a smile
If life's handed you ill fate
So, look in my eyes, now
And shed no lonely tears
I will never, ever, leave your side
My love will always be near

((August 15th,2000))

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