AS (October 29th 1974 / Denmark)


Tears are hiding in my head
behind my thoughts, my feelings, my eyes.
They are there all the time
but refuse to come out.
They fill up my head, my mind, my soul.
Everything is messed up, filled up
and confusing.

I wish the tears would leave
go away and leave me alone.
I feel like I'm drowning
in tears, thoughts, feelings and confusion.
Everything is messed up
and I'm lost.

I hope and pray
God will save me,
hold me and help me
find the light.

March 2009

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reeks of clouds vanish by rain pangs of pain melt away by organic path of redemption for soul, wrought ingenious by reality, well penned,10+++, thanks for shring
Poetry composition tends to be a soul-cleansing endeavor. In this instance....I hope that your reality! Be well.