AP (November 27 1989 / )


After the children go to sleep,
Before the moon suddenly appears,
Between evening and midnight,
When lovers kiss for goodbye-
Tears fall from one's dark eyes.

Hot tears, burn the cheeks,
Comedown slowly to touch one's lips,
Comedown smoothly with no fears,
Comedown softly like nothing's weird.

There's no event to let them show,
There's no reason for them to fall.
Everything's right but no one's near.
Everything's nice, but the heart's full with fears.

In one place, not too far from here,
Before the moon leaves and disappears,
They comedown, they show up near-
Making sure that one's lost his dear-making sure that he's no more here.

by Amy Phillip

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Take a tear and let it slide It washes away the fear