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RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Poem By Rachel Fogle

As always you are there for me,
In good times & in bad.
Never allowing me to suffer alone,
You guide me and my gentle hand.

Alone we sit for hours letting time go by,
Feeling troubled and washed away,
Never knowing such sorrow inside.

We heal on our own, and let our wombs run deep.
Taking time to reflect what pain has befallen we.

You are my lost companion,
You are my only friend.
Together as always we stand, you my most loyal friend.

Even when happiness surrounds me,
You join me at my will.

Allowing me to understand,
Sorrow & Happines....
Can bring tears of utter joy.

Many years will go by, and together we will be.
Sharing moments of pure heaven, and sadness that runs deep.

However, it will be our time to finally come to rest.
And again we will travel side by side,
From this life to the next.

And upon our return,
We will ring our joy with that wonderful cry.
The sound of a newborn baby, who's happiness is her cry.

It will be to others,
What we have discovered in our own.
That tears of all kind are faithful for life & forever to behold.

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