Poem By Ninja Soul

The tears are falling.
Maybe not on the outside,
where everyone can see.
But they are on the inside.
They come to me at night.
Where I can cry in secret.
So nobody knows,
how bad I'm falling apart.
The tears keep falling inside.
At night I don't wanna go to bed,
cuz I know the tears will come.
I don't wanna cry.
But I'm breaking down,
and sometimes tears is all,
all I have to come for me.
Except for that urge.
That urge to cut.
Maybe the tears is trying,
to play the hero for once,
but I don't feel that.
I just feel the darkness in me,
rising and growing darker.
Making my light fade.
Fade into nothingness.
Tears go away.
I don't wanna cry anymore.
Not on the outside,
and not on the inside.
You're making me weaker.
Making it harder for me to fight.
To fight this breakdown.
The breakdown that's causing the tears.
Tears, tears, tears,
go away...
I'm waiting for the moonlight.
Come again another day.
All I'm waiting for is my happiness to return.

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