Sitting here alone and depressed, I think of you.
Thinking, remembering, crying.
Crying from that, that is no more.
Thinking of the times we shared, our little fights, but we always
Now as I sit here, alone I listen to songs that remind me of what we had.
One tear falls as I remember your words.
Two tears fall as I remember your smile.
Then soon what seems like a endless river of tears being to flow steadily
from me as I remember.
Although I'm glad we were able to share those moments, my tears stop for a
moment, then they start again.
Three tears splash on my bear matress as I sit with my head on my knees
thinking of your voice.
Four tears fall like rain into a puddle as I remember the happiness that
was ripped away.
Five now fall as I sit beating myself up, wondering were I went wrong.
Then like a dripping faucet, six fall into my hands clasped over my face in
pain as I think about how much I hurt you, and wish I could change it.
Seven now fall, as I think of the most painful thought...Were you ever
happy when we were together.

by Jason Walsh

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