To me friends come and go,
but whats a friend thats what i want to know...
a friend is someone who sticks by you,
no matter what you did of what you may do,
believe me when i say this is true...(i went through it)
when your in my situation you find out who are your true friends,
friends say they got your back till the end...
but thats not always the case,
they'll say alot and lie to your face...
when your here all you need is a friend,
but some will write you off and never talk to you again...
when you get home the'll give you every excuse in the book why they didn't write,
but me...i play it as cool as a fan and say that its alright...
i mean does it take that much $%#@ing effort to write a letter,
they said they were my friends dont they want me to feel better...
i guess they dont care,
why? its not fair...
this is the way i feel.
sorry im only being real...

by Joey Habib

Comments (6)

Sooo..beautiful - A wisp of fog betwixt us and the sun; thank u
..........truly these are two of the greatest gifts from God....enjoyed..
I like this obey keep it up hey Liz! ! !
A nice poem on the musings of a life to the poet.
Beautiful. Just honest retrospect. Love it.
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