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Sometimes life takes you places we would not want to be,

Thus far, is also truth we are places we should not be,

so are we experiencing things we deserve to contain?

Are we worthy of the possessions we so hungry possess?
Nothing is ours, so why should we shed tears?

Transgression is everywhere, and among transgression comes

corruption, and it’s so sturdy that even tears are too, corrupted.

Aren’t tears intended for lubricating eyes, eyes that don’t deserve to
witness the indiscretion that we create,

if something as small as a tear can be corrupted, be the witness of your own wicked.

Don’t complain or ask why? Ask your self first, do I deserved the blessings I have?

But don’t blame it on the tears, or on the human “Natural” feelings and actions.

Misery is not a natural feeling, rage and other “Natural” things we ingenious human beings feel are not either,

“Natural” should be really be replace with the word “Frequently” or “Regular”, for the reason that if that was the case, Murdered, Wars, Child abuse and other unbearable actions that are place upon this earth by us man, should be “Natural” as well.

Don’t ask why next time; ask “do I deserved this”? do not receive this personal, is not destined to make you feel dreadful, it is so we can all become conscious how flawed we are, as well as me.

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I like the way you think and how you put this poem togather its awesome.