VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

Tears Are Rhythms Of The Soul And Heart

You can read a woman's heart
Through her diligent eyes....
Tears speak eloquently;
Her grief stricken heart,
Unuttered fears, sadness and pains!

Though she holds it back...sometimes
to create a fake smile;
It gushes out uncontrollably....
It's melancholic music of her
parched Soul and aching heart! !

Cleanses her inner longings and desires
unexplained emotions and feelings
inner most urge; which yearns...
to find a real companion! ! !

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Comments (12)

Your poetry is a pleasure to read. Profound. Well deserved :)
Such a thoughtful and toughing tribute to tears from a feminine perspective. Well done my friend!
Her grief stricken heart! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Tears speak eloquently Her grief stricken heart Unuttered fears, sadness, pains Though she holds it back Thanks for the speaking tears you have described of. I have similar reciprocative feelings. Once in life I had heard it from a sobbing mother, in person. Today you returned me to that era, ages ago. Loved these lines.... It's music of the Soul and heart Tears Cleanses her inner feelings Thank you poet for the nice poem.
t's music of the Soul and heart Tears.......unuttered fears of the heart..... secret tears... her eyes......... very nice poem dear poetess. dev
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