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Tears Don'T Last Forever
MH Moth Harris (Oct 1st 1990 / Detriot)

Tears Don'T Last Forever

Through your kind eyes you see
The tears fall so clearly
and although you try to fight
You can't seem to find the will to see it through

Locked inside your heart is how you used to feel
The things inside you know that aren't real
I speak of doubt and fear, the regret and tears
Because tears dry but the blood that flows will never stop
So let your heart bleed out the doubt and regret
Tears don't last forever

There's promises left incomplete
A dying world at your feet
and you can't see past the burning trees
The dried up oceans and other things

Locked inside your heart are the answers you seek
At the moment you feel broken and weak
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
I know it seems you can't take the pain any longer
but tears don't last forever

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WOW...This one reaslly speaks to me. I would like it in my favorites. Thanks for sharing free