RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Tears For Beers

It's you and me, a vodka bottle under a tree
Singing songs of what we want to be
telling me it's allright to cry
settle a score, Set it free
just don't Just Don't say goodbye
It's I and It's you under the sky
with a whisky bottle and a dream
underground, Trying to hide
from the nightmares and laser beams
It's a shame, A damn cold shame that we'll out of beer
We'll find some more, Well robbing juliet's beir
It's common concern, A sudden fear
that the mistakes we mad are now and here
between the cracks, Face meets slap, wicked tears
We're all on smack, nodding our hats, Away from the close and near
I got a dollar bill that says you will be mine
just for Just For a few moments of my time
It's a shadow a Tumor in my mind
I just don't at all even a little feel fine
Tears of the feeble
hands of the slaves
Chewing the middle
and digging our graves

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