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Tears For Thy Angel
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Tears For Thy Angel

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Watching from afar they know when they are needed,
To help the hurt or injured, or the sick and the weaked.
There presense is always felt, no matter the reason for there call.
They come when you least exspect it and leave with no trace at all.
They are there to bring us comfort in our times of need.
To help us through our pain that in someway must heal.
We shed our tears of joy and then our tears of sorrow,
The angels always follow as if they heard you calling.
They give peace and understand, faith and great love.
And make sure we understand, god always has his reasons for taking loved ones above.
In their wisdom they bring comfort, from there hearts they bring hope.
And in there wings they bring more love to help us keep holding on.

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