Left Me.... Broken

There was a time I almost loved you.
But you had to go and believe the lies
I wanted you badly
And I had you.
You made me smile
You made me laugh
You brought joy to my heart
Helped me ease my pain
The hours we chatted
The late night talks… and
You just had to throw it all away.
You were everything I always dreamed of
Now I'm here left with a broken heart
It feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest.
Now it's like I can not fly
Even with my wings.
Blood pouring from my eyes.

I know we weren't together for long,
But the joy you brought into my life
Made it felt like a lifetime.
I thought we could of make it last
Thought we could have shown the world.
That was just false hope
Fake lies.

You left me broken
How could you leave me broken?
I can try to love another guy
And love him like I did you
But it just gets harder every time.
Because of you
I don't think I will be able to love again.
This is the end.

My shattered heart can't handle more pain.
My eyes can't cry another tear.
My voice won't allow me to say your name,
Or utter the word love.

Even though,
When I hear my phone ring
I wish it was you.
Why am I crying?
It's not like you care anymore.
Why is my heart in so much pain?
You left me without an explanation
So you don't care anymore.
But baby
I can't explain
The sadness, in my eyes.
You will never understand what you did to me on that day.
The 08th of October 2011,
I will never forget.

Love is one big illusion
Because those arms allowed my heart to break.
The hours I cried felt like days.
The days felt like years.
You left me broken
Gave me no explanation
But I guess some things people work out
And others they just don't know how.
You allowed the well to run dry.
You left me broken.

This is pain that I can't bare
And you didn't know that it tore me apart.
My heart was ripped wide open.
You robbed me from everything I could have been
Though, it's not the end of the world.
In my conclusion
I'm been tantalized by my own breath
Sauntering the never ending road with no direction.
You left me BROKEN
It was never meant to be
You left me
BROKEN…! ! !

by Savannah Harker

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