Tears In The Night.

Poem By Ahmer Qureshi

You want some one to come and save you,
trust me they have no clue
of what you are feeling all through
no one's gonna come and stop this menace my dear
they are all too busy with their plastic lives of hidden fear,
everyone with a destiny but no one really clear
you can hide in the corner pretend to be some thing you are not,
you can kill it, you can fight,
no use trust me all of its just not right
you are unique you are different
so don't shed tears its ludicrous
stop them now walk up the stairs
of where you will reign, a princess
no a queen amongst the lost,
cheer up all is not gone
there is always tomorrow to fix today's mistakes
todays story is tomorrows headline is what we are told
relax take a breath in this meaningless madness,
all of it well just really pointless
for where there is love dear, there should be no fear.

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