Tears In The Rain

I look above
Hot tears kiss my face
The sky is crying
Stars are out of sight

by aislemyth Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Fantastically I'ke! I also got second prize on writing poem about OUR COUNTRY, INDIA on the school competition. So I congrats the poet Aislemyth.
Well, you have love in you which is really good to show in poetry. Your poetry was fun to read. TAKE CARE! ! !
wow. that is a enigmatic poem i have come across. i have also come across such feeling but never had so imaginary like you. keep it up up my good friend, good writing. please read my poems at www.poemhunter.com/ravi-chandran i will be very grateful if you comment about the poem. thank you
this is a sad and deep but very good poem, hope to read more of your poems Samual Harriso (Australia)
that is such a good poem! it's rly deep. nice peom tho i like it alot check out some of mine sometime
aww that's so sad. But I love this poem! Lylyanna
sad theme...i like it..miss the comfort in bein sad.