Tears Just For You

you were my best friend Ellen and
nobody could never find
Someone better and stronger than you
and will still stay by your side

The last time I talked to you
was when you asked 'do you wanna lift princess? '
mum would have killed me if I had
but what happened next left me speechless

The bus was so boring
and the bus was filled so few
Then we saw a red and blue car crash
and in between the crash was you

I couldn't believe my eyes that day
My best and first ever best friend
A student, most populur, most likely to successed
Had meet and deadly and painful end

I rushed out of the bus and stood by you
Then you opened one eye
'I love you Pepi and never give up'
and then you said 'Goodbye'

I fell uopn my knees and cried
alone and scared all night
Then I remembered that poem you read
In fourth grade 'The never ending fight'

At your funeral I wrote endless poems
and cried endless tears
Who would I tell things to now?
My hopes, my dreams, my fears

You were so beautiful so full of life
now here lying in your grave cold
Our promise is with you dead and alone
the promise of together growing old

Now I am older your sprit beside me
Friendship is always with two
And I remebered that day we meet, your death, your funeral
I know my tears were just for you

Ellen my Sweet, Sweet sweet Ellen
My dreams with you now fly
I love you Ellen, my friend, my sister
But it's time I said goodbye


by Alice Holmes

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...a sad wistful reflection full of remorse. Hang Pepi, time is a great companion and healer. Warmly, Jerry