It's funny how
You make me cry,
Make me feel
Like I'm a lie.

It's funny how
You make me scream,
Make me feel
Like I'm a dream.

It's funny how
You make my pain,
Make me feel
Like life’s a game.

It’s funny how
We try to win...

Don't make me
Cry again.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (6)

I'm lost for words. This is touching, heart-rending and nicely put together.
David, others have commented on how direct and 'real' your poems are, and this is an example of that. You express so well the despair and helplessnessof a girl destined to be a single parent with your lines: 'now i am pregnant and you gone with the wind my heart crushed and nowhere to go so listing to me crying see my destruction ' And I like your flat 'thanks a lot' - the anger and resentment is there too. You are a real poet. You could also write flash fiction, I think, very successfully.
That is very grieving and sorrow about a teenage mother losing her child. I think you see the comprehension experience of a teenage mother in real life. Very thoughtful david.
wow this is good. it's a sad, almost tear jerking statement and i like the way you wrote it. keep it up!
Very powerful statement of vulnerability and injury. thanks
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