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Tears Of A Woman
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Tears Of A Woman

The tears of a woman
Which can be used to deceive
The many weak minded man
And the man who will easily believe.
As they are the mighty tools
To sway a mans heart and his mind
So she can use and control him
Anyway and of course anytime.
As the tears that she uses
Sometimes in her mind they are conceived
To get the pity that she needs and wants
And used so her lies someone will believe.
And the effect of the tears she had shed
Many men through their course had died
While she had used them once again
And all because a woman had just cried.
As the tears run down her cheeks
Even before they touch the ground
She is ready to deceive once again
GOD pitied the sad soul she has found.
Though they won't confuse other women
As they too know the tricks of that trade
They know when they are used to cover up lies
They know why those tears were created and made.
So sad for all man and all boys
When to this world they shout we have no fears
But in the shadow their might be that woman
Getting ready once again to use her tears.

Randy L. McClave

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you have wonderfully put thoughts into words. we all know this in back of our mind but writing it you did, nicely written.