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Tears Of Broken Heart......
RS Ravi Sathasivam ( / )

Tears Of Broken Heart......

I remember the day I met you
My heart was filled with joy
From that day you mean whole world to me
I enjoyed when you walked along with me
I enjoyed when you hold my hands
I enjoyed when your lips blew soft kisses
But I never thought my dreams will turn blue
When you left me and I travelled my journey alone
You took away all my dreams with you
I was left with broken heart and shattered dreams
You were my lover, friend and partner
No matter how long I was with you
But a broken heart is hard to mend
My heart knows how much I loved you
My tears spills the bin how much I cared for you
Still awaiting to hear your voice again
Hoping to hold your hands again
Now I have learnt that love starts with a smile
grows with a kiss and ends with tears.

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