Tears Of Joy

Times when our hearts are drenched with glow
And when they lift their feet to dance,
Some tears then arrive and show
The seas of success on our face.

by Saheb Mohapatra Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

We are living in an imperfect world. Tears of sadness, tears of joy.... Beautiful poem, Saheb.
The passion and beauty of the tears of joy you have expressed with the beauty of your words!
You have realized big things at this age. One day you will shine like a bright star in the world of poetry. God bless you dear Saheb.
So nicely envisioned and aptly presented. Thanks for sharing.
Marvellous depiction with fantastic collocation. Many thanks dear Saheb, may God increase your poetic thought.- - - -10
Dear poet, you are really writing wonderful poems, - enjoyed reading your tears of joy.God bless you.- - - - -10
Reading your great poem, tears of joy welled up in my eyes, Saheb!
I am so glad to read your writings in a positive note. Each caring person will face pain, some suffering that we may never have wished to imagine. Yet without the face shaped by living where would the tears collect? You not only proclaim the positive but you ask questions that have wisdom in the answers. Your sharing is a wonderful gift...10
A marvelously written poem, Saheb You have a gift Thanks
An amazing poem, Saheb Mohapatra is the wonder boy of poemhunter.com
Indeed tear flows from the soul, you nailed it with this poem......10++ I know these tears, the tears of joy, Will one day clasp our calls, Nor as we think it would annoy But paint our barren souls.
ONe day all the tears will be wiped away with such a sweet bliss by God! I know for sure! And Jesus promised! very soothing poem!