SO (9-21-1992 / lebanon)

Tears......Of Love? (Confusion)


Why do we cry when we love someone?
Why do we cry when they're gone?
Although we know we'll meet again
Still the tear shedding does begin

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Although love is a beautiful feeling
Yet it still brings tears to our eyes

These tears; are they tears of joy?
the joy of having met and having known this person?

Are they tears of regret?
do we regret having loved them that much?

Are they words we could never have said?
Are they words that don't even exist?

Do we cry to express our feelings?
Are we telling others that we love them in our own
shy way when we cry?

Is it the selfish love?
the one where we want to stay with them all the time?

Is it fear?
Are we afraid to loose them?
Are we afraid that maybe when we leave them they'll change?
Are we afraid that they will forget us?

Are they every laugh we laughed together?
every happy moment?
Does happiness turn to sorrow?

Are they all the feelings we felt for that person?
love, pride, anger, pity, respect......
And every other feeling we did not understand

Are they how much that person meant to us?

Are they just the fact that we feel weird
and we dunno what to say, what to do and how to express our feelings?



by some one

Comments (2)

ok. this is how i think it goes we cry when we love someone coz we are scared to lose them but so happy to have them. we cry when we lose someone coz we know they are important and they are leaving our life. We are never selfish in wanting to spend forever with them, we just know that forever looks so much better when they are there. We dont cry to say we love them, we cry to show we care about them, that we are there. we are scared that this moent will change, that we will loose them, that they might forget about us, They are every laugh, every moment. They are everything. They are everthing we feel, every hope and dream. The tears just show what we as humans can sometimes never express. That words can never speak the same. When we cry, we are never sure of feeling. Just aware that every little bit of us can be summed up in one moment, with one tear. Jess xx
I wish i could answer your quesitons i'm confused enough on my own about it lol. **Hugz** CC