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Tears Of Pain
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Tears Of Pain

Poem By Cez S.G.

I cried in the silence of the night
Tears of pain I cannot hide
My heart constricts in anguish
Of the love lost forever, I wish.

Promises of faithfulness I kept
And life together we will create
Vow of love I treasured
Believing his words, I was assured.

But try as he may to be true
His deceitful nature surfaces anew
His personality speaks of lies
I have now awakened with open eyes.

I should have heeded my instincts
The whispers of my intuition still lingers
To let go, even getting hurt in the bargain
How could I be so naïve to trust him again?

But I’ve now learned my lesson
He does not deserve my precious attention
I’m better off without him
Life would have been so grim.

I feel liberated with this new reality
I have to move on, hurt as I may
The scars will heal, I will be okay
My tears of pain are just transitory.

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