Tears Of The Heart

Like a pendulum
Which swings back and forth
From the mount
Of an Ole Grandfather's Clock.
Tears fall from beneath
The surface of shattered dreams
To gently create a mist.
A mist of one's heart
A heart that has been broken.

Shattered by unforgiveness
Shattered by forsakened peace
Shattered by families of brokenness
Shattered by the wiles of temptation
Shattered by this world's unrest.
Shattered by the perpetual disfigurment
Of satisfaction that only grasps
An individuals happiness temporarily
For the compliance of something greater.

Something greater than the paths
Which we now see
Or haved used daily to live.
But in the essence of our own achievements
Never being able to accept the full goal.
Back and forth the pendulum swings
Where the Tears of The Heart
Rolls from grace to gravity
With only our own self-esteem
To drive from the forces
Of our own focus
Which sometimes fail the vision.

As the Navigator back and forth
We search and seek the traces
Of the Tears Of The Heart.
The tears that bind us
And the tears that set us free.
With diligence to begin again
With or without the knowledge
Of a commendable trial or error.
But with an undisclosed strength
Given by the Almighty Hands Of Mercy.
We move on.

by Cecelia Weir

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Great poem! I am amazed by your talent, this poem shows so much spirituality from you! i love the symbolism of it, the imagery is also great! Elya Thorn