Tears Of The Sun

Thy sun in grimace
I say 'We are the ones, he is disgraced'
'Weeps' Sky said
'I shall bring thy tears'
I already know
The Sky thoughts are clouded in fear
Sky says, 'I shall bring his sadness'
'To cover his depression? ! '
Moon says, 'He has his own light! '
'Why should I stay? '
I say, 'Trust from Earth's friends is all he can crave'
For my words have fade in the mist
The Sun hides behind Sky
I say, 'He is getting sadder.'
Sky cover in darkness
Now the Sun begans to weep
Droplets began to fall apon me
'These are Sun's tears'
I say, 'We are killing Earth'
The Sun's heart is leaking
Leaking into Earth's broken soul
'If we don't help her'
I say, 'She will truely go'
'For now I call this greif,
For Earth's grounds we have walk on
We must restore her
Or there won't be a other rainbow.


by Elisha De La Rosa

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